MVG launches the new must-have RF safety equipment: EME Guard XS 40 GHz

EME Guard XS 40 GHz

Since its successful introduction in 2014, the EME Guard XS has established itself as the favorite PPM in the RF Safety industry and has been widely adopted by professionals. As 5G emerges into new industries and applications, MVG has poised itself as a leader in wireless connectivity testing solutions, aiming to rapidly respond to what would be beneficial for the markets.

On the occasion of NATE UNITE 2018, MVG is pleased to announce the launch of the EME Guard XS 40 GHz.  This latest innovation among PPMs satisfies the need for monitoring and alerting RF overexposure levels up to 40 GHz. It is the new must-have for personnel working near antennas, including installation and maintenance workers, broadcasters, PMR, mobile phone operators or regulatory bodies.