StarLab 50 GHz - Flexibility in Design Improves Adaptability to 5G Testing Demands

StarLab 50 GHz

StarLab technology is continually evolving in line with 5G testing challenges.

Adding flexibility to its design, StarLab 50 GHz, the first multi-probe antenna measurement and OTA test system capable of testing wide-band high frequency ranges up to 50 GHz, can now be built according to a selection of frequencies to be measured, from 650 MHz to 50 GHz. This advantage pairs with the already existing capacity to have the StarLab 50 GHz configured for passive antenna measurements and/or OTA measurements, making it even more easily ready to meet specific testing requirements. 

The flexibility in design boosts additional features of the StarLab 50 GHz ;  It provides fast and accurate test results for a variety of 5G devices, and its compact and portable design facilitates flexibility in test lab or production site location and space.

The StarLab 50 GHz is the latest addition to MVG’s  “Little Big Lab” test system series featuring:

  • Ultra-fast testing with its electronically-scanned probe array (10 times faster measurement results)
  • Accurate measurement with limited movements, owing to its patented oversampling technology
  • Spherical configuration enabling all types of antenna measurements, from low to high directivity
  • OTA testing for a growing list of telecommunication protocols

StarLab 50 GHz is the all-in-one compact system designed to meet expanding 5G testing needs.