TMYTEK | mmWave OTA Testing Gives Proof of Concept for 5G Beamforming Solution

MVG StarLab

As a research and development test tool, BBox needs to be calibrated precisely and carefully for both conducted and Over-The-Air (OTA) testing. MVG has been a leading company in OTA testing for a number of years now and StarLab 50 GHz proved to be the perfect technology for our needs.

Ethan Lin, Vice President and Project Lead at TMYTEK 

For system level architects and industry test engineers, the availability of 5G has been long awaited, allowing more data to be transferred at faster speeds. Unlike previous generations of telecommunications standards, 5G NR mmWave uses dynamically-steerable beams which maximise connectivity by directing as much of the signal toward the device as possible.

These steerable beams are created by phased array antennas and their associated electronics which need to be calibrated and measured in a large number of configurations through advanced OTA tests to ensure the connectivity is optimized.

Taiwanese technology business TMYTEK had this exact testing requirement for "BBox", their new Beamformer Box. 

Read how MVG's StarLab 50 GHz helps TMYTEK achieve their proof of concept testing and accelerates their product process significantly, to the point where they are now confirming orders with potential customers.