WaveStudio Software Suite Upgrade Now Supports Wireless Device Design from Start to Finish

With the integration of passive antenna measurement capabilities into its automated OTA measurement suite, WaveStudio now supports the development of wireless devices from start to finish.

Structured around 3 modules for configuring test batches, running measurements, and analyzing results simultaneously on different PCs, WaveStudio performs passive and active measurements, includes advanced post-processing capabilities for both measurement type results, and generates shareable reports per the requirements set forth by standard bodies such as CTIA & 3GPP. 

Save time and increase flexibility

WaveStudio automation capabilities minimize the number of measurement configuration changes necessary, amounting to the possibility of more measurements in a shorter time frame.

Its on-demand delivery model offers an adaptable license plan to responds to actual measurement requirements. This provides flexibility to start testing using only the needed measurement type and supported protocols, allowing for scalability as a company grows and innovates.  

From antenna prototyping to fully operational device measurements, Wavestudio automated software suite effectively and efficiently supports the complete design process of next generation wireless devices.