Press Release: MVG, KT and NI Partner on a New Generation CATR Radar Test System

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Press Release: MVG, KT and NI Partner on a New Generation CATR Radar Test System

Published on 06/07/2021 15:00:00

Microwave Vision Group, Konrad Technologies, and NI Release Small Footprint CATR Radar Test System for Next Generation HD Radars  

To achieve conditional automation assistance or even full autonomy levels, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) use high-definition MIMO radar systems, covering longer ranges with much better resolution allowing for long far-field distance measurements. These radar sensors are designed to track and estimate the speed and direction of moving objects within and out of line of sight. They are an essential component in performing critical driver assistance operations. The high definition and wide aperture characteristics require new test systems to meet the accuracy and reliability validation requirements of these new generation radar sensors.  

To meet these requirements, MVG-Microwave Vision Group, Konrad Technologies and NI have developed a system that integrates Konrad Technologies VRTS technology built on a NI test platform, into an MVG Compact Antenna Test Range system.  

The MVG KT CATR RTS is a compact system designed to accurately measure the radio frequency of automotive radar sensors during the production and validation phases. MVG's reflector technology and positioner, specially developed to accommodate automotive radar sensors, combined with KT's Radar Test System makes the MVG KT CATR RTS the ideal solution for efficient measurement of high-resolution, long-range radar sensors. 

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