Safety in Antenna Measurement Facilities

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Safety in Antenna Measurement Facilities

Published on 12/08/2020 16:30:00

Worker safety is crucial in any business. Test and measurement facilities have their share of hazardous situations to manage. MVG has listened to customer concerns and designed an interlocking Safety Control Unit (SCU) to provide automatic stop and safety control features to test and measurement facilities requiring attention to erroneous, damaging or harmful events.

The SCU creates a safety perimeter in a baseline configuration with add-on options available for flexibility in the choice of safety monitors and sensors needed.  The SCU base model monitors the operation of an MVG or ORBIT/FR positioning system, and stops any activity if a fault state, for example, an opened door, occurs. Other monitors or sensors, such as temperature sensors, fire detectors, or RF level monitors, can be added upon request.

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