The MVG antennas for measurements at VHF frequencies are here!

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The MVG antennas for measurements at VHF frequencies are here!

Published on 31/01/2017 17:00:00

VHF frequencies have always presented difficult challenges for antenna measurements, with most facilities not necessarily being designed with these frequencies in mind. Among others, one common blocking point is finding antennas that are practically suited for use as reference antennas and measurement probes. Due to the larger sizes dictated by these lower frequencies, the facilities and equipment may not be able to accommodate the space and/or weight constraints typically associated with such antennas at these frequencies. 

In order to address these issues, MVG has designed and extensively validated a VHF wideband reference antenna, as well as a VHF wideband dual-polarized probe, well-suited for spherical near-field measurements at VHF frequencies. Some of these antennas main features include:

VHF Wideband Low Profile Reference Antenna (40 MHz to 400 MHz):

  • Wide bandwidth
  • Linear polarization
  • Aluminium structure
  • Lightweight, with handles for convenient control


VHF Wideband Dual-Polarized Probe (50 MHz to 400 MHz):

  • Dual-linear polarization
  • High efficiency
  • Low return loss / VSWR
  • Excellent rigidity


Both antennas are available now. Contact your sales representative for a quotation today!

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