Which positioning subsystem for your new test configuration?

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Which positioning subsystem for your new test configuration?

Published on 28/04/2020 18:30:00

When engineering a new antenna or radar test facility, a variety of test system configurations are feasible, and the characteristics of the DUT, the available real-estate, and measurement requirements are non-negligible determinants. Consequently, the selection of the appropriate positioning subsystem is dependent upon all of the above.

We are pleased to introduce the new MVG Positioners and Controllers Overview, a short, practical guidebook to help you in the selection process. Here you will find guidelines, configuration examples, and brief descriptions of each product group helping you to quickly determine what you may need to complete your next or update your current antenna measurement system.

From the legacy of the original Orbit/FR positioning systems to our new low-profile compact series, over 30 years of expertise supports the design and manufacture of advanced antenna positioning subsystems by MVG.

Download the overview