CISPR25 Chamber

1-18 000 MHz

The CISPR25 chamber is designed for benchtop testing of automotive components and wiring harnesses. The MVG CISRP25 chamber is designed for the requisite 1 m test distance and for a “typical bench” configuration of 2.5 m x 1.0 m. The unique design requires less volumetric space than traditional absorbers and still provides the volume required to have the requisite distances between the EUT and the walls and the absorber and the walls & ceiling. The chamber is designed with anechoic treatment that meets the specified attenuation in the CISRP25 standard, and it is designed to meet the Long Wire testing specified in Annex J. The polypropylene absorber does not undergo the typical age-related deterioration of the typical “foam” polyurethane absorbers. The UH-series, polypropylene absorber is also applicable to the radar pulse testing required in some automotive test standards.


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