The connected car poses new testing challenges. Are you prepared?


As wireless connectivity becomes a key driver for the global automotive industry, car manufacturers and their subcontractors are turning to MVG for turnkey connectivity solutions which deliver fast and accurate performance measurements and certification during the R&D and production phases.


Including full-vehicle solutions for OTA and EMC testing.

Connected Car Measurement

MVG offers turnkey solutions for the complete digital verification and validation of connected cars and their manifold wireless transmission functions, including Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) connectivity. 

Rapidly characterise the wireless connectivity of any full vehicle with OTA testing in virtual environments.

BMW in SG 3000F
Full-Scale Vehicle Measurement

MVG’s market-leading test solution for the connectivity testing of full-scale vehicles provides rapid characterisation of wireless communication and OTA performance with incredible accuracy.

With advanced post-processing software providing a wide range of specific features, MVG is at the epicentre of automotive connectivity development.

Anti-collision Radar in a car
Anti-Collision Radar Testing

With the evolution of the connected car comes more demand for anti-collision radar. These systems are complex in their challenges, operational parameters and positioning, and so require testing technologies which are highly accurate and designed exactly for this purpose. 

MVG has developed a range of world-leading post-processing systems and software, designed specifically for electromagnetic testing of vehicles, which - when coupled with simulation software - enable this essential analysis. 

shark fin antenna in starlab
Automotive Subsystems Testing

Offering a cost-effective, compact alternative to large energy and resource-hungry anechoic chambers, MVG has created a convenient and flexible range of all-in-one antenna measurement tools. 

Particularly useful for testing the performance of subsystems, these compact solutions come with Insight - the only software in the world to be able to compute authentic electromagnetic current distributions and extreme near fields on an antenna under test, from measured near or far-field data, that can be then integrated in a simulation software to analyse how it will perform once mounted in the vehicle

Tesla car in an MVG EMC chamber
EMC Testing

With electric and connected cars driving the future of automotive development, we are delighted to offer the industry a range of equipment which is scalable and futureproof, including a range of adaptations which are being developed alongside the evolving electric car landscape. 

MVG offers a range of scalable EMC test solutions suitable for both car manufacturers and their connected component suppliers. With the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors and absorption materials, it’s no surprise MVG is considered a world-leader.