Are you facing increasing challenges in testing the connectivity of your devices?


The continuous evolution of wireless and smart connectivity comes with unique and ever-changing measurement requirements.


MVG is proud to deliver to market a suite of connectivity measurement systems which are evolving at industry pace, including applications such as base-station antenna testing, handsets, antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G and more protocols, GPS, both in OTA and passive measurement configurations.

Telecommunications - 5G Testing 2
5G Testing

With an entirely different set of testing challenges to its 3G and 4G counterparts, 5G connectivity requires an innovative approach. MVG is renowned for the 5G testing solutions it has already provided to some of the world’s major players, offering a range of technologies suitable for the testing of frequencies 28 GHz and above, with bandwidths of up to 1GHz using massive MIMO arrays.

With advanced millimetre-wave testing options using both near-field and far-field techniques, including plane wave generation, MVG’s portfolio of 5G connectivity and antenna testing solutions is continually evolving in line with the 5G revolution.

Telecommunications - OTA testing
OTA Testing

Over-the-Air testing (OTA testing) is a crucial process in the research and development, production and certification of telecommunication devices. MVG is proud to deliver to market an ever-evolving range of OTA testing systems which meet the needs of manufacturers across the full spectrum of usable bandwidths, including the latest mmWave frequencies. 

Our systems are compact, accurate and easy to use, making OTA testing a stress-free, time and cost-efficient process.

Telecommunications - BTS Measurement
BTS Measurement

With a suite of state-of-the-art technologies available for base transceiver station (BTS) measurements, MVG offers solutions that perform highly accurate tests across all linear array and BTS antenna parameters, including gain, directivity, beam tilt, beam width, sidelobe level, cross polar discrimination and front-to-back ratio.

Our portfolio offers both compact range and multi-probe arch systems to suit a variety of requirements and budgets.

Telecommunications - Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement
Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

Being able to visualise antenna radiation patterns as part of your measurement process is vital for the validation and improvement of antenna design and operation. 

MVG technologies facilitate the measurement of radiation patterns in any polarisation (linear or circular), across a range of antennas, from those in smart devices to space-borne antennas.

Telecommunications - Antenna Test and Measurement
Antenna Test and Measurement

Our antenna test and measurement systems offer the telecommunications industry a range of fully customisable solutions, all with a clear upgrade path of system enhancements, future proofing your investment against those inevitable evolutionary changes in measurement requirement.

Telecommunications - Active Array Measurement and Calibration
Active Array Measurement and Calibration

With phased array antennas becoming more popular for multi-beam 5G applications in the telecommunications industry, the correct calibration of these antennas is also now paramount. 

Using the very latest calibration measurement techniques, we can reconstruct the relative phase between individual radiating elements to form a collimated antenna beam. For active phased array antenna, the amplitude and phase for each element is also processed by powerful post-processing tools to verify the desired aperture taper, or beam shape.

Telecommunications - MIMO testing
MIMO Testing

Understanding both the antenna and propagation characteristics within the system setup on multi-antenna devices such as Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems is critical in establishing the spatial correlation. 

To achieve this, MVG has developed an innovative and highly-effective Over-The-Air (OTA) testing methodology, using anechoic chambers to emulate complex spatial-temporal propagation environments which are both realistic and repeatable.   

Telecommunications - IoT
IoT Testing

The testing challenges of IoT devices are unique and constantly evolving. So too are our testing systems, with solutions specifically optimised for IoT such as NB-IoT, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, as well as 5G.

From ensuring the wireless connectivity performs as expected, to optimising the performance of antennas and certifying to various global and regional standards, MVG’s IoT testing solutions are trusted worldwide for the deliverance of accurate, reliable results in a compact, cost and time-effective manner.

Telecommunications - Wearables

Testing the connectivity of wearable technology comes with a unique set of challenges. With a short time to market imperative, plus faultless connectivity, the reduction in efficiency when in close proximity to the human body and the drive for smaller wearable devices are key criteria for any class-leading antenna testing solution.

MVG has harnessed probe array technology to create a range of testing systems suited to wearables, thanks to its unique use of near-field spherical geometry for the fast and accurate testing of devices whilst they are worn by a real person in numerous positions.  

Telecommunications - EMC testing
EMC Testing

We design, manufacture and install the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors, absorbers and more. 

Our class-leading range of anechoic chambers and absorption materials have been used by the Civils and Telecommunications industry for decades. We are proud to maintain a partnership with Amplifier Research (AR), which enables us to provide exceptional turnkey solutions for even the most demanding EMC requirements.

Telecommunications - RF Safety
RF Monitoring

Accurate measurement of the electromagnetic field is crucial in maintaining an appropriate level of exposure for workers in high-risk environments.

MVG is continually evolving its range of Personal Protection Monitors (PPM) which monitor EMF radiation on site, evaluating the real-time environment and automatically comparing it to pre- determined regulatory limits.

Telecommunications - SAR and HAC Testing
SAR and HAC Testing

For the pre-test and certification measurement of wireless devices, stand-alone antennas and integrated antennas, MVG has innovated a portfolio of SAR and HAC testing systems, capable of reducing expenses and creating time-efficiencies during the R&D phase of telecommunication device development. 

MVG’s experts will assist you in getting the very best from your test results, as well as ensuring your test system is futureproofed with specific calibration equipment and support services available.

Telecommunications - Electromagnetic Pulse Protection
Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

Protecting important electrical assets from natural or man made disruptive and potentially damaging electromagnetic pulses, or transient electromagnetic disturbances, is vital for many organisations. 

MVG offers a complete range of EMP protection solutions including; Faraday enclosures of all sizes, EMP data and power line filters, EMP Ethernet converter units and much more.