Emerging Trends in the Space Economy: MVG's Impact on Satellite Industry Innovation and Growth

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Emerging Trends in the Space Economy: MVG's Impact on Satellite Industry Innovation and Growth

Published on 07/09/2023 09:40:34

In the dynamic space and satellite sector, growth is skyrocketing. NSR's Global Space Economy (GSE) 3rd Edition report predicts a near 7% per year expansion in the Space Economy over the next decade. The drivers? Evolving defense needs, innovations in 5G, AI, entertainment, remote broadband access, aviation, and alternative communication methods. Notably, the defense sector is embracing small satellites in GEO and LEO for diverse applications, from Geospace research to tactical communications or imagery. For over 35 years, MVG has supported the development of this industry, from institutional players to private companies and, more recently, the innovative and dynamic network of Newspace start-ups.


Breaking the Mold for Innovation
The conventional mold of government and large commercial satellite endeavors is shattering. The rise of private space companies, coupled with investor interest and governmental backing, has birthed innovative business models prioritizing flexibility, scalability, and affordability. With 12,000 companies, 200 R&D hubs, and 140 government entities in the Spacetech ecosystem, over 50% based in the USA, per Spacetech Analytics’ 2022 report, the outcome is clear: groundbreaking technologies are reshaping our use of space, with massive constellations of satellites driving the transformation. 


Paving the Way for Connectivity
The future depends on these constellations. Small satellites in GEO, satellite constellations in LEO, and ultra-high throughput satellites are leading the way. As the demand for satellites skyrockets, accelerating production cycles to meet future space application goals has become a must. MVG's patented fast multi-probe technology aligns perfectly with this need by enabling swift and accurate evaluation of flourishing satellite production.


MVG's Legacy: Three Decades of Trusted Aerospace Testing Solutions
For over 35 years, MVG has consistently adapted its range of solutions to address the ever-changing needs of the aerospace industry. Starting with far-field antenna test ranges, MVG has dynamically expanded its portfolio, aligning with the evolving demands of the Newspace era. MVG's current offerings include large near-field measurement systems, spherical multi-probe systems, RCS, and EMC test equipment among others. As the number of satellite applications continues to grow and the intricacy of payloads intensifies, the need for versatile testing solutions becomes even more critical. Distinct missions, ranging from Earth observation to broadband connectivity, necessitate specialized testing configurations, including comprehensive end-to-end testing. MVG’s broad portfolio of test solutions, tailored to this diverse range of requirements, positions it as the go-to partner for an increasing number of companies in the space sector.

Empowering Innovators
Startups are pivotal in driving space industry innovation. MVG empowers them through collaboration, providing reference antennas for measurements, measurement services, and advanced test systems like the StarLab as they progress. MVG has served over 30 space start-ups/SMEs in the last 5 years.


Shaping Tomorrow's Landscape
Reports forecast large constellation systems in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) as a top-five trend in the satellite landscape for the next three years. Pioneering commercial firms like SpaceX, Amazon, and OneWeb lead the way with dynamic satellite constellations and internet service ventures. Altogether, the private sector has not only reshaped the industry but also collaborated extensively with governments on space technology development. This sector is also steering innovation in testing and validation techniques, driving the adoption of MVG multi-probe electronically scanned near-field test systems. MVG has empowered more than 20 high-profile commercial space companies in the past five years.


Accelerating Governmental Efforts
Major governmental entities like NASA and ESA, along with prime contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, heavily invested in large compact antenna test ranges in earlier years. These ranges, though reliable, now require updates or additional facilities, such as large planar near-field solutions, to meet demands and perform end-to-end testing of voluminous satellites. MVG has provided solutions for more than 50 of these primary contractors and government agencies over the last 5-year period.


MVG: A Preferred Partner in the Growing Space Tech Sector
Reflecting the industry's growth, MVG's clientele is expanding rapidly. Among 260 major space tech entities, more than 60% have chosen MVG. Notably, a third of MVG's space-related contacts have been established within the past 30 months.


Pioneering Tomorrow's Aerospace Solutions
The thriving aerospace and satellite industry is revitalizing the space economy and driving success for both new and established companies. As the industry evolves, MVG, as a turn-key test and measurement solutions provider, is at the forefront, gaining customers at a pace that matches or exceeds the industry's growth. MVG remains committed to supporting the space and satellite sector, drawing upon its rich legacy and innovative approaches to offer solutions that serve the space industry's future needs.

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