MVG launches StarLab 50 GHz, revolutionizing 5G OTA testing offerings

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MVG launches StarLab 50 GHz, revolutionizing 5G OTA testing offerings

Published on 13/09/2017 17:00:00

MVG reveals its latest innovation of the “Little Big Lab” product range: StarLab 50 GHzthe world’s first multi-probe antenna test & measurement system capable of testing the high frequency ranges up to 50 GHz.

As 5G is emerging into new industries and applications, MVG, the industry leader in antenna test and measurement, has developed the StarLab 50 GHz, in order to rapidly respond to market needs in terms of high-frequencies testing, hence meeting the 5G testing challenges.

Merging its trusted technological expertise in both the Telecom and Aerospace & Defense markets, MVG leverages its vast experience in products traditionally geared for A&D markets for the new high-frequency 5G applications. This new approach guarantees efficiency, accuracy and fast time-to-market for customers.

The StarLab 50 GHz, First of Its Kind

The StarLab 50 GHz is the perfect solution for Millimeter-Wave Antenna Measurement and OTA Testing, with its unique features offering the below key benefits:

  • Ultra-fast testing with its electronically-scanned probe array (10 times faster than the standard ones)
  • Accurate measurement with limited movements, owing to its patented oversampling technology
  • Spherical configuration enabling all types of antenna measurements, from low to high directivity

Compact and portable, the StarLab 50 GHz frees up space in laboratories and production environments, and saves costs. This new version is a true revolution inside and out, with a keen sense of detail in every component. The StarLab 50 GHz provides a future-proof turnkey solution for 5G system development and validation.

The StarLab 50 GHz takes all the advantages that contribute to the success of the StarLab, extends them to the 18-50 GHz band, and augments them with a complete rethink of the mechanics, couples this with the most recent advances in RF technologies available,”  

explained Fabrice Herbinière, Application Engineer at MVG.

Client Wins with Major Players in Telecom Industry

MVG’s ambition is to be at the leading edge of what the market needs in terms of 5G testing. By offering flexible test solutions that can be upgraded to serve future needs, MVG enables users of the test systems to be competitive in the development of new products. Optimization of the test systems to find the best balance between total flexibility of a fully modular system, and the efficiency of a single box solution, is a core competence of MVG. This know-how has been proven over many years through the delivery of first-class OTA test systems to the most competitive companies in the world.

The launch of the StarLab 50 GHz has been highly anticipated by the worldwide telecom industry.

"Since this summer, we have already sold several StarLab 50 GHz systems to major players in the telecom industry, both in Asia and in the US! This is an excellent example of how we work closely together with customers across the world to align our product roadmap with their product visions and needs, proactively driving the development of competitive test solutions"

announced Philippe Garreau, Chairman of MVG.

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