MVG SAR Systems and Calibration Synergy for Optimized Measurements

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MVG SAR Systems and Calibration Synergy for Optimized Measurements

Published on 30/11/2023 08:56:23

In the world of wireless devices, where our interaction with electromagnetic field (EMF) energy is inevitable, performing accurate Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) measurements becomes paramount. SAR assessments are critical for evaluating how our bodies absorb EMF energy, ensuring products meet safety standards and pose no harm to users.

Calibration plays a central role in maintaining the accuracy of SAR systems and instruments. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend a 12-month calibration interval for your SAR accessories, by aligning with ILAC-G24/OIML D10 standards.

For those needing to test products for SAR compliance or seeking in-house lab certification, MVG steps in as your trusted partner. Our line of SAR equipment is qualified to ensure compliance with certification standards. We also offer measurement services for probe and validation dipole calibrations in our accredited ISO 17025 Lab in Brest, France.

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