MVG Supports University Innovations

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MVG Supports University Innovations

Published on 20/05/2022 19:04:40

Research is at the base of new knowledge and technology. Many next generation ideas take root in university studies or projects. Students advancing these aspiring technological ideas can progress in their research faster and more effectively if they have fully functional and efficient labs to work in, and fast and accurate test systems to validate their progress. 

MVG wishes to support university researchers and their students’ need for equipment that advances their research and propels their drive to innovate. That is why we are initiating a discount program for research universities* working on next generation wireless technologies. To find out if your university lab qualifies, and for more information, contact your MVG sales representative today.

*Accredited colleges and universities that qualify as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in accordance with the 501(c)3 Section of the IRS Code in the U.S. or under the Ministry of Education in Canada (“Qualified Educational Institutions”). Verification of status of the institution is required.
*This program may change at any time. In the event of such a change,  authorized quotations from MVG or its partners will be honored for the duration of the quote validity period only.

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