New Horizons – New offices and factory for MVG-Orbit/FR

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New Horizons  – New offices and factory for MVG-Orbit/FR

Published on 28/07/2023 12:41:33

To accommodate the expanding design and production of our latest innovations as well as the flourishing production rates that come with a growing order book, MVG has relocated to larger facilities at several of our office or factory sites over the past decade.

Our biggest, longest-standing factory, located in Emek Hefer, Israel is the latest MVG entity to make the move. No longer able to push the walls outwards, our MVG-Orbit/FR teams have relocated to a new customized building for the increased capacity to develop and manufacture the advanced high-precision positioners, compact ranges and RCS test systems for which they are renowned. This new building also gives us larger operating space to accommodate a 3rd anechoic test chamber for more antenna tests and measurements. 

We look forward to celebrating an inauguration of this fabulous new building very soon! In the meantime, you are welcome to contact or visit us here:


24 Tsavei Hanahal St,

Emek Hefer Industrial Park

3877701, ISRAËL

N° de téléphone : +972 747130130

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