SG 3000M: Your Move Towards Antenna Measurement and OTA Testing for Car Connectivity

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Published on 09/12/2020 16:00:00

Cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) in 5G technology is expected to be a game changer for the automotive industry. The possibility for vehicles to be connected directly to other vehicles (V2V), to infrastructure (V2I), and to pedestrians (V2P) while ensuring long range network communications (V2N) will enable the development of multiple revolutionary services.

To meet C-V2X high-bandwidth and low-latency requirements for mission-critical communications, antenna performance is essential for car manufacturers. Accurate and complete testing of the designed antennas, from component to full-scale OTA (Over-the-Air) evaluations, will allow for adjustments and precise alignment of all integrated antennas in conformity with their support environment.

The SG 3000M is dedicated to full-scale vehicle antenna measurements, with its mobility allowing for the upgrade of an existing anechoic chamber to an antenna measurement and OTA test facility for connected vehicles.

The MV-Scan multi-probe technology and embedded oversampling in the SG 3000M ensure accurate and efficient antenna measurements. Its wide frequency band coverage ranging from 200MHz to 10 GHz enables it to support all protocols necessary for the development of automotive connectivity.

Key benefits of the SG 3000M:

* Full scale vehicle antenna measurements

* A mobile measurement system (see SG 3000F for fixed system)

* Covers a large frequency band, from 200MHz to 10GHz

* Complete understanding of the antenna-to-structure interaction

* Link to simulation tools


Watch the SG 3000M measurement system on video presented by MVG’s Program Director. For a fixed system with the same characteristics and a permanent installation in an anechoic chamber, discover the MVG SG 3000F.

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