Take Your Antenna Testing Facilities to the Next Level with StarLab!

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Take Your Antenna Testing Facilities to the Next Level with StarLab!

Published on 05/12/2023 18:36:21

When many tests are needed on numerous devices simultaneously and at various stages in the development of your products, there can be bottlenecks in the test lab due to chamber availability, space, time, or costs. Add a StarLab to your test facilities to make gains on all of these and more.

Efficiency in a Smaller Package:

As a compact and portable all-in-one antenna measurement tool, StarLab adds flexibility and efficiency to your test facilities while reducing operational costs. StarLab’s compact design allows it to be used in any 4m² area in the lab (it does not require a full test chamber of its own*), therefore saving you space and the expense of additional test chambers.


Complementary to Large Installations:

StarLab serves as an effective complement to larger facilities. By handling preliminary tests, sub-element development, and smaller-scale validations, StarLab ensures that large installations are reserved for final assembly tests and larger-scale projects that require their specific capabilities.

Accurate Measurement Capabilities:

StarLab is equipped with patented probe array technology for 3D measurements in spherical and cylindrical geometries, which enhances antenna testing accuracy. It limits mechanical movements, rotating the DUT only 180° in azimuth (valuable for measurements of low gain antennas). This technique also increases measurement repeatability for accurate antenna characterization and extends the system's lifespan.

Improved Operational Efficiency:

With features like increased measurement speed (up to 100 times faster than single probe systems), enhanced dynamic range, wide bandwidth (650 MHz-50 GHz), unlimited sampling, and ease of DUT setup and calibration, the system significantly reduces test times, thereby increasing overall testing throughput.


Ready to take your antenna testing facilities to the next level with StarLab!? Contact us to learn more about how to integrate this efficient, versatile solution as a complement to your existing measurement facilities.

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