Video Tour – Inside a CATR

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Video Tour – Inside a CATR

Published on 19/06/2024 11:08:01

The ability to test and measure in a controlled, repeatable environment makes Compact Antenna Test Ranges (CATR)s invaluable for the development and certification of high-gain antenna technologies, ensuring that they meet the required specifications and performance standards before being deployed in real-world applications.

The size of a CATR is determined from calculations based on the physical and electrical size of the DUT. In other words, the initial specifications are found in answering the questions: what are the frequencies to be measured, how big is the antenna, and what is the required quiet zone?

CATRs can be designed to accommodate a wide variety of DUTs each of which may require different positioning sub-systems. MVG has designed and built several such CATRs with feeds and reflector capable of seamlessly accommodating this variety in a single anechoic chamber.

Now, one of the latest installations by MVG has been captured on video! In this new video tour, you’ll discover a huge CATR with two different, swappable positioning subsystems to allow for high- or low-frequency measurements as needed. Fly by the reflector and see every angle of this specially designed test facility from a bird’s (drone’s [widget]) eye view. A feed carrousel with automated source antenna selection (according to frequency band) completes the flexibility of this omni-functional extra-large Compact Antenna Test Range.

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