Why and What to Test in a Mini-CR

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Why and What to Test in a Mini-CR

Published on 22/09/2023 17:00:00

A Mini-Compact Range (CR) is a type of anechoic chamber designed for the testing and measurement of physically small, yet high-gain antennas, such as in radar systems. It offers several advantages that make it suitable for these applications:


1. Increased test control: With a Mini-CR, engineers have greater control over the testing environment, enabling them to isolate and analyze specific aspects of antenna or radar performance. This control facilitates accurate characterization, calibration, and validation of the systems.


2. Wide frequency range: Mini-CRs can support a wide range of frequencies, allowing for testing across multiple frequency bands. This flexibility is crucial as radar systems can operate across various frequency ranges, such as X-band, Ka-band, or W-band.


3. Reduced multipath effects: Multipath interference occurs when signals reflect off multiple surfaces and arrive at the receiver at different times, causing distortions. Mini-CRs are designed to minimize multipath effects by using specialized geometries and absorber materials, leading to more accurate and reliable measurements.


4. Mitigated losses: At higher frequencies, cable losses are more pronounced. With minimized cable lengths engineered to fit the compact size of a Mini-CR, signal attenuation is mitigated. Efficient cable routing and anechoic properties further diminish interference and losses.


5. Compact size: Mini-CRs are smaller in size compared to traditional compact or far-field ranges, making them more space efficient. This is especially beneficial in locations where space is limited.


With the MVG Mini-CR, get all the above and more. This effective and efficient system is designed to test a wide range of frequencies from C-band to W-band (up to 110 GHz) in a fully-controlled compact anechoic environment. It excels in minimizing multi-path effects due to effectively-engineered geometries and materials, and the optimized positioning of equipment within the compact dimensions of the chamber ensures significant mitigation of cable and other losses. Finally, the compact and all-in-one transportable system adds flexibility and cost-effectiveness to any test lab.


Elevate your testing prowess with the MVG Mini-CR and redefine your possibilities in high-frequency antenna and radar testing!

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