EMC Test Chambers

CISPR12 Chamber

30 MHz - 18000 MHz

Specific application to Automotive.
The Gold standard for EMC Anechoic Chambers, this 10 meter test range ensures EMC compliance testing Emission and Immunity testing and is compliant to ANSI C63.4/CISPR-16-1-4 with a Test Volume diameter of 4 meters or greater. The most versatile and accurate of EMC test chambers. Ferrite tiles and hybrid pyramidal absorbers allow for high accuracy and performance while meeting compact space requirements.


  • CISPR12
CISPR12 Chamber


  • EMC compliance testing in accordance with Emissions & immunity standards for all AUTOMOTIVE  products


  • EMC Chamber Dimensions (Internal shield)21 m x 12 m x 8.5 m
  • EMC compliance testing Emission Performance 
    • CISPR 16-1-4/ANSI C63.4
    • NSA 30 MHz -1 GHz +/-4 dB or better @3m/ Test Volume 2.0x2.0m (DxH)
    • NSA 30 MHz -1 GHz +/-4 dB or better @10m/ Test Volume 4.0x2.0m* (DxH)
  • EMC compliance testing Emission Performance
    • CISPR 16-1-4, sVSWR
    • 1 GHz - 18 GHz @3m  sVSWR < 6dB 2.0x2.0m (DxH)
  • EMC compliance testing Immunity Performance
    • IEC 61000-4-3
    • 80MHz -18GHz UFA 1.5x1.5m @3m ) 0 +6dB
  • Extended performance options – meeting MIL STD 461F and other specifications (40GHz
  • Independently certified 100 dB @ 18 GHz shielding performance (EN50147-1)
  • EMC absorbers HyPyr-LossTM Ferrite and Hybrid absorbers for 26 MHz - 40 GHz measurements
  • Optimized computer modeling to enable cost effective EMC absorbers layouts
  • This EMC Chamber is a Bespoke and modular design enabling unlimited performance options and facilitating upgrades or relocations
  • This EMC Chamber is available as part of a complete turnkey package for EMC measurements


*Options for smaller / larger Test Volumes also available

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