EMC Test Chambers

Reverberation Chambers

Our reverberation chamber is particularly suited for immunity testing for EMC measurement and special applications for very high-field strength applications (200V/m - 7000V/m). The paddle system ensures that the widest range of frequencies and particularly low frequency performance is maximized. This system meets testing requirements of the IEC61000-4-21 EMC testing specification.


  • Reverberation Chambers
Reverberation Chambers


  • EMC Compliance testing in accordance with Emissions & immunity standards for all electrical & electronic products. This chamber is also able to meet MIL STD461 & DO160 HIRF applications with field strenghts in excess of 4000V/m with approriate test system


  • EMC Compliance for Immunity performance according to 
    • IEC 61000-4-21, MIL-STD-461E/F and RTCA DO160 requirements
  • LUF = Lowest Useable Frequency 
  • Top frequency range 18 or 40GHz 
  • Mode Stir EMC Chamber Models are available according to LUF 
    • 80MHz, 200 MHz, 400 MHz, 1000 MHz*
  • Dimensions (Internal shield) according to 
    • Model / LUF
    • Working Vol / EUT size ( Dims per Customer) 
  • Tuner(s) (Stirrer(s), Paddle(s)  included, also with optional controller 
  • Optional test bench 
  • Optional antennas and fixing mounts 
  • Independently certified 100 dB @ 18 GHz shielding performance (EN50147-1)
  • Independently certified mode stir performance (IEC61000-4-21)
  • This Mode Stir EMC Chamber is a Bespoke and modular design enabling unlimited performance options and facilitating upgrades or relocations
  • This Mode Stir EMC Chamber is available as part of a complete turnkey package for EMC measurements


*Other LUFs available on demand

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