Shielded Doors

Shielded Door Systems

0 MHz - 40000 MHz

MVG SmartShield doors are manufactured to the same high quality as our shielded rooms and complement with excellence any high performance shielding system.

The doors are available in manual, semi- and full automatic operation, for both swing door designs and sliding. 

The high performance shielding results are achieved using a knife edge closure system, utilizing beryllium copper finger contact strips. 

Highly engineered hinge systems ensure accuracy of closure, long life and easy maintenance. A pivoting hinge is used for the swing doors in order to ensure the durability of the fingerstock gaskets mounted in the door frames.

The sliding doors are designed to provide the same extended shielding effectiveness and performance as the swing door products. 

For servicing purposes the door mechanics are contained outside the shielding panels of the door. Since this is not an essential part of the shielding, it facilitates all maintenance work without affecting the shielding performance of the facility. 

All automatic doors have a fail-safe system such that if a power failure occurs the chamber remains accessible. Security systems for authorized access are available from simple locking systems to fully integrated keypad or card type arrangements.


  • SmartShield Door Systems


  • All EMC chamber types from small compact dimensions to large chambers for aircrafts EMC, antenna testing, data centers and other shielded rooms


  • Performance range 10 KHz - 40 GHz
  • Low maintenance replaceable gasket design
  • Fits modular or welded shielded rooms
  • Fire resistant & acoustic applications available
  • Integrated lift & access platforms
  • Customized, modular design enabling unlimited options for shielded room upgrades or relocations
  • Available in a wide range of dimensions & configurations


  • 0.9 m wide - 20 m wide or more
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