Which MVG multi-probe near-field antenna test system fits your antenna testing needs?

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MVG multi-probe systems are built according to customer test geometry requirements (spherical, cylindrical, planar), DUT size, weight and frequencies to be tested.

Choose from a selection of geometries as well as different configurations of probes and probe arrays to get the fastest, smartest, and most accurate test system to meet your antenna measurement needs.


Faster measurement time quickens the overall antenna development process. With MV-ScanTM, patented MVG technology, an array of probes is electronically scanned, increasing measurement speed while also improving measurement accuracy. The use of a probe array greatly reduces the number of probe/DUT positions necessary to complete a test.


MVG multi-probe near-field antenna measurement systems offer patented oversampling capabilities. Oversampling combines automated precise mechanical movements of the positioner, or the array combined with electronic scans of the probe array to achieve unlimited scan resolution.


High levels of accuracy and repeatability remain an absolute necessity for increasingly complex testing. MVG ensures measurement accuracy of its systems through precise knowledge of system error budget, comparison studies, minimized mechanical movements, and continuous probe calibration.

Discover our latest infographic to assist you in matching the most suitable MVG spherical near field test system with your antenna test requirements.

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