L/S & C bands medium gain ridge horn intercomparison campaign results

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LS&Cbands medium gain ridge horn intercomparison campaign results.png

The measurements working group, WG5 of the European Association on Antennas and Propagation (EurAAP) [1], promotes cooperation to advance research and development of antenna measurements. An on-going task of this group is to support inter-comparisons of measurement facilities. The activities involve many participants in Europe. It has been extended to USA and participants from Asia is planned to enter at a later moment. The different campaigns also serve as input for a new task, recently approved in WG5, about self-evaluation from inter-comparison results.
The L/S & C bands medium gain ridge horn, MVI-SH800, was selected as reference antenna for an EurAAP ACE campaign [2]. In order to enhance the correlation in different facilities, the MVI-SH800 has been equipped with an absorber plate and employed in a new extensive comparison campaign. In [3], we described the activities and showed preliminary results. In this paper we present the complete inter-comparison and draw final conclusions. The obtained results are in very good agreement and confirm the expected improvement with respect to the previous SH800 campaign without absorber plate [2].

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