Validation of the Fully Probe-Connected Translated-SWE Algorithm for Spherical Near Field Offset Measurements with Min Sampling

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Validation of the Fully Probe Connected Translated-SWE Algorythm for Spherical Near Field Offset Measurements with Minimum Sampling_0.png

The Translated Spherical Wave Expansion (TSWE) is a very effective Near-Field-to-Far-Field (NF/FF) transformation tool for down-sampled Spherical Near Field (SNF) measurements with offset Antenna Under Test (AUT). As presented in previous publications, such tool is well suited to characterize antennas mounted on complex structures such as cars, satellites and airplanes. In case of electrically small probes and/or small AUT-probe view angles the TSWE can be accurately applied without compensating for the probe effect.
Instead, in case of more complex probes, the measured signal is affected by an averaging effect that should be compensated to ensure a good accuracy. In this paper the TSWE technique with full probe correction capabilities is validated considering measurements of a standard gain horn performed at several frequencies. The horn has been intentionally displaced in an offset configuration and measured in SNF geometry with a first order probe and two different wideband higher-order antennas as probe.

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