Multi-probe Systems
400.00 MHz – 6000.00 MHz

StarMIMO provides flexible, fast and efficient end-to-end testing of MIMO devices using 4G/LTE and 5G technology in a controlled realistic RF environment. The characterization of the performance of the device is complete in a single measurement. StarMIMO is a major asset in the design cycle and product validation of mobile devices.


Measurement capabilities
  • Evaluation of the OTA performances of RX Diversity and MIMO based wireless devices supported wireless technologies are HSPA, LTE, IEEE 802.11 and WiMax
  • Emulation of widely standardized (3GPP) channel propagation models in a controlled environment: Single Cluster, SCME Urban Micro and Urban Macro / Multiple Cluster - SCME
  • Urban Micro and SCME Urban Macro
  • Emulation of variable angles of arrival, angular spread, Cross Polar Ratio (XPR), Doppler and delay spread
  • Device throughput measurement in controlled fading environments, channel capacity and Bit Error Rate
  • MIMO
Max. size of DUT
  • Depending on the number of probes
  • From 24 to 64 MIMO dual polarized probes
  • A choice of azimuth positioners
  • An optional roll over azimuth positioner, allowing testing of the DUT in various orientations