SATIMO's Antenna Measurement Software SAM Now Supports A-GPS Testing

Antenna Measurement System software

While localisation services gain momentum among the high-end mobile phone market - especially Smartphones - SATIMO extends its Antenna Measurement System software scope by adding A-GPS testing capabilities.
A-GPS is an assisted position location method based on the GPS satellite network and on a remote server accessed through a wireless network. This assistance server provides information to the mobile device to immediately determine its position and process directions.

The A-GPS feature is a key application for most of the mobile operators and mobile manufacturers eager to propose location-based services, as well as for security departments that need to determine precisely where the caller is to send emergency services.

SAMTM software driving a SATIMO multi-probe measurement system associated with A-GPS test systems, ensures 3D GPS antenna radiated pattern measurement, sensitivity measurement and GPS intermediate channel degradation measurement. It will be fully compliant with the upcoming 3.0 release of the CTIA's Test Plan for Mobile Station Over-the-Air Performance.