Unboxing the EME Spy Evolution – MVG Public RF Safety Monitor

The development of 5G networks and devices are proliferating rapidly as 5G technology is introduced globally. It is making us more connected than ever, but the public remains concerned: “How can we know if we are being overexposed to EMF?”

MVG has designed the EME Spy Evolution, a light and portable monitoring device, to continuously measure electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure levels between 88 MHz and 6 GHz. It monitors up to 20 user-defined frequency bands to be chosen among 84 pre-defined bands, which includes the majority of future 5G frequencies. The measurement results can be compared with the reference levels advised by ICNIRP 2020, FCC or Safety Code 6 2015.

MVG has prepared an unboxing video to introduce the latest EME Spy Evolution in detail. In the video, we will help you get the most out of your monitor by showing you how to operate the device.

You will discover what is inside the EME Spy Evolution box, what the accessories are for, and how to start and stop the measurement cycles.