EMC Absorbers

HyPyr-Loss™Ultra Broadband Absorbers

80 MHz - 40000 MHz

ULTRA UHC series polypropylene based Broadband electromagnetic absorbers are the latest technology for RF test applications. 

The polypropylene material has a highly uniform carbon density, throughout the material, which provides for more predictable results with no discontinuities. 

It is the unique production technology which is the critical factor in achieving the highest electromagnetic reflectivity performance in an antenna measurement anechoic chamber or an emc chamber supplier.


HyPyr-Loss™Ultra Broadband Absorbers


  • Frequency bands 80 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Ultra Broadband Absorber
  • Polypropylene Material
  • Service Temp 90°C


  • EMC chambers
  • Mixed-use test facilities
  • EMC pre-compliance & EMC compliance testing


  • Standard base size 1.97’ x 1.97’ (60 x 60 cm)
  • Height 10 cm to 75 cm
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