Experimental validation of Reference Chip Antennas for 5G Measurement Facilities at mm-Wave

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In this paper, the experimental validation of a microprobe fed reference antenna targeting the upcoming 5G applications (24.25-29.5 GHz band) is presented.

The main purpose of these reference antennas is to serve as “gold standards” and to perform gain calibration of 5G test facilities through the substitution method. The outline of these antennas is based on a square array of four printed patches enclosed in a circular cavity. The RF input interface is a stripline-to-coplanar waveguide transition and allows for feeding the device with a micro-probe. Performance obtained by high-fidelity modeling is reported in the paper and correlated to experimental data. Interaction and unwanted coupling with the test equipment are discussed. The use of echo-reduction techniques and spatial filtering is investigated to mitigate these effects.

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