Antenna Measurement Services

MVG anechoic test chambers are available for testing in four MVG facilities in the USA, France and Italy. These facilities offer pre-compliance testing and measurement services of wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antenna arrays or modules. Advanced post-processing and diagnostics are also available.

Test antenna gain, directivity, beamwidth, cross polar discrimination, sidelobe levels, radiation patterns, as well as TRP, IERP, TIS, EIS, GPS sensitivity, SAR and HAC in an MVG StarLab, StarMIMO, SG 64, SG 24, or ComoSAR, or ComoHAC lab.

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Antenna Measurement Services

Advantages of Testing in an SG or StarLab System

SG and StarLab systems perform cylindrical or spherical measurements. Different from single probe mechanical scanning, our patented multi-probe technology is based on the electronic scanning of a probe array.  This technology is faster, reduces mechanical movements, simplifies mounting, reduces setup time, and improves accuracy and repeatability of the measurement. Faster measurement means faster service and shorter time to market for your product.

Post-processing options include error diagnosis, echo reduction, back projection and holography.