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UTS Plots R&D Antenna Path to Future Wireless Comms with MVG’s Mini-Compact Range

The MVG CR-M is a unique chamber among all Australian universities, enabling us to test antenna far-field performance in both the 8 GHz–26.5 GHz and 60 GHz–90 GHz frequency bands.

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Cisco Picks Up Pace of Antenna Innovation with MVG’s StarLab

StarLab is an astonishing feat of engineering. It has drastically shortened antenna measurement cycles and provided much greater insight into our products. Ways of working have changed dramatically for...

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Pegatron Ups Test Capacity to Meet Wi-Fi 6E and 5G Requirements

The SG24 has helped us tremendously, especially on antenna designs, active measurements, and telecom carrier certifications. The multi-probe technology also allows us to expedite the design process.

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TAC Boosts Research, Resources, and Recruitment for FIU

To remain competitive, secure funds for our research, and continue to advance innovation in promising areas such as space, we need a lab that is not only operational and cost-effective, but efficient....

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