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Ensuring time-to-market and sustainability

Most start-up businesses in IoT have one great wireless device idea but don’t think about antennas. Connected devices are often so small that you can’t buy an antenna off the shelf and hope it works....

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The Antenna Company Chooses StarLab as Optimal Solution

StarLab was the first choice for us and has been a gamechanger for our business. Starlab delivers accurate and rapid measurements on a schedule entirely within our control, enabling rapid design turns...

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I've never worked with equipment like that before

As radio engineers, we spend a lot of time building radio electronics but the one bit we've been unable to see is what actually happens when those radio waves leave the device this facility enables us...

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Reducing EMC noise to improve product quality

The project moved swiftly and smoothly from discussion through to installation within five months and has made a positive impact to our business; saving hours, money and improving quality.

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