As wireless connectivity becomes a key driver for the global automotive industry, car manufacturers and their subcontractors are turning to MVG for turnkey connectivity solutions which deliver fast and accurate performance measurements and certification during the R&D and production phases.

Including full-vehicle solutions for OTA and EMC testing.

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Connected Car Measurement

Development of wireless communication possibilities in connected vehicles imposes new testing methods to support the emergence of new driving experiences,...
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Full-Scale Vehicle Measurement

Measuring full-scale vehicles in free-space conditions for realistic and reliable measurements.
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Anti-Collision Radar Testing

Vehicle radar test systems support the development and integration of radar sensors built for advanced driver assistance systems.
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Automotive Subsystems Testing

Combining automotive subsystem testing with numerical modeling tools can save valuable time in performance optimization and antenna placement...
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EMC Testing (Automotive)

With electric and connected cars driving the future of automotive development, we are delighted to offer the industry a range of equipment which is scalable...