Consumer Electronics

From electromagnetic compatibility to connectivity performance, MVG offers a host of turnkey antenna and EMC testing and certification systems, including chambers, equipment and services.

Delivering rapid, highly accurate data, in true-to-life, repeatable environments, keeping time-to-market at an absolute minimum.

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SAR and HAC Testing (Consumer Electronics)

For the pre-test and certification measurement of wireless devices, stand-alone antennas and integrated antennas, MVG has innovated a portfolio of SAR...
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OTA Testing

Evaluate the performance of a device and monitor its interactions with the network as it would in the real-world through OTA Testing.
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IoT Testing

Testing IoT devices to ensure optimal connectivity, battery life and coexistence.
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Testing the performance of antennas integrated in compact, mobile and body-worn devices is essential to overcome body interference and achieve optimal...
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EMC Testing (Telecommunications)

We design, manufacture and install the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors, absorbers and more.