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MVG bietet eine große Auswahl an Lösungen, die auf Nahfeld-, Fernfeld- und Kompaktmessverfahren für Antennen-, EMV-, RCS- und Radom-Tests sowie RF-Sicherheit basieren. Unsere Lösungen erfüllen die Messanforderungen der Luft- und Raumfahrt-, Verteidigungs-, Telekommunikations- und Automobilindustrie sowie von akademischen und Forschungsinstituten.

Siehe MVG World solution : 5G


Whether testing wireless devices, Base Transceiver Stations, or IoT devices, MVG offers a range of solutions covering all OTA and MIMO testing needs including...
Siehe MVG World solution : Avionics


Modern aviation requires a multitude of antennas on and in aircraft for various purposes: navigation, communications, positioning, weather, temperature...
Siehe MVG World solution : Automotive


As next-generation Advanced Driver Assistance System emerge and in-vehicle infotainment devices are increasingly common, vehicles are using a great host...
Siehe MVG World solution : Defense


Antennas and radars for specialized communications, movement coordination, and data collection and protection are increasingly enhancing military equipment...
Siehe MVG World solution : Space


As communication, navigation, and national security and surveillance via satellite are now integral to our daily lives, the reliability of the information...
Siehe MVG World solution : Antenna Test & Measurement

Antenna Test & Measurement

In today's technological environment, antennas play a crucial role. The quality and reliability of antenna performance is essential for those innovations...
Siehe MVG World solution : EMC


Our EMC solutions support the aerospace & defense, telecommunications, commercial electronics and automotive industries, as well as universities and...
Siehe MVG World solution : RF Safety

RF Safety

The development of 5G networks and devices are proliferating rapidly as 5G technology is introduced globally. It is making us more connected than ever,...
Siehe MVG World solution : Product Development

Product Development

In the quest to connect the world, satellites, aircraft, ships, automobiles, telephones and many other devices or machines are being equipped with new...
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