The continuous evolution of wireless and smart connectivity comes with unique and ever-changing measurement requirements.

MVG is proud to deliver to market a suite of connectivity measurement systems which are evolving at industry pace, including applications such as base-station antenna testing, handsets, antennas, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, 5G and more protocols, GPS, both in OTA and passive measurement configurations.

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5G Testing

Meet the challenges of 5G New Radio including mmWave frequencies, with 5G test and measurement solutions designed for the 5G frequency...
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OTA Testing

Evaluate the performance of a device and monitor its interactions with the network as it would in the real-world through OTA Testing.
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BTS Measurement

Measurement solutions for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) supporting MIMO technology and featuring high levels of integration of numerous antennas and...
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Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

In antenna design, true tests and measurements of an antenna before and after integration in its end product provide the most accurate means to validate...
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Antenna Test and Measurement (Telecommunications)

MVG offers a broad selection of antenna test solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for antenna, RCS, and radome...
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Active Array Measurement and Calibration

The capacity of active phased-array antennas to form a single or multiple focused beam(s) makes them ideal for the complex environments of 5G mobile technology...
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MIMO Testing

Understanding the end-to-end connectivity performance of a multiple-antenna system with MIMO OTA testing.
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IoT Testing

Testing IoT devices to ensure optimal connectivity, battery life and coexistence.
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Testing the performance of antennas integrated in compact, mobile and body-worn devices is essential to overcome body interference and achieve optimal...
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EMC Testing (Telecommunications)

We design, manufacture and install the highest quality shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers, complete with shielded doors, absorbers and more.   
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RF Monitoring

Accurate measurement of the electromagnetic field is crucial for those working close to antennas or developing antennas, a personal protection monitor...
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SAR and HAC Testing (Telecommunications)

For the pre-test and certification measurement of consumer mobile telecommunication equipment (MTE), wireless devices and integrated antennas, MVG has...
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Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

Protecting important electrical assets from natural or man made disruptive and potentially damaging electromagnetic pulses, or transient electromagnetic...