Modern aviation requires a multitude of antennas on and in aircraft for various purposes: navigation, communications, positioning, weather, temperature control, entertainment, and more. The capacity of these antennas to transmit and receive data accurately when in flight can be as high in importance as navigation safety or homeland security, or simply a matter of passenger service and comfort. It is therefore essential to test aircraft antennas and the connectivity of avionics at every stage of development, certification, through to onsite inspections and repair. 

MVG provides turn-key antenna test facilities and measurement systems for avionics testing. Based on near-field, far-field or compact range measurement techniques, MVG systems perform fast and accurate tests of antennas during R&D or antennas installed on/in an aircraft. Radome testing and RCS testing capabilities are also available.

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Siehe MVG World solution : In the Field Aircraft/Vehicle Antenna Testing

In the Field Aircraft/Vehicle Antenna Testing

The dimensions of large sea or aircraft add complexity to test scenarios. Test chambers and systems for testing antennas on these vessels are rare...
Siehe MVG World solution : Radar Cross Section (RCS) Testing

Radar Cross Section (RCS) Testing

A Radar Cross Section (RCS) is the electromagnetic signature of an object. It is the reflection of  radar signals back to a radar source that determines...
Siehe MVG World solution : Radome Measurement

Radome Measurement

Maintaining the electromagnetic transparency quality of antenna radomes is essential for the security and vital functioning of aircraft in flight. Radomes...
Siehe MVG World solution : Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

Antenna installations on aircraft demand a variety of test techniques to measure the impact of their environment on antenna radiation patterns, efficiency...
Siehe MVG World solution : Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

Antenna Radiation Pattern Measurement

In antenna design, true tests and measurements of an antenna before and after integration in its end product provide the most accurate means to validate...
Siehe MVG World solution : Antenna Design

Antenna Design

From antenna prototyping to fully operational device measurements, MVG measurement systems and software effectively and efficiently support the complete...