Product Development

In the quest to connect the world, satellites, aircraft, ships, automobiles, telephones and many other devices or machines are being equipped with new intelligence. The wireless connectivity of the resulting applications relies on accurate and precise antennas, antennas that need to be measured, certified, and/or qualified for the purposes they will serve.

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Siehe MVG World solution : Antenna Design

Antenna Design

From antenna prototyping to fully operational device measurements, MVG measurement systems and software effectively and efficiently support the complete...
Siehe MVG World solution : OTA Testing

OTA Testing

Evaluate the performance of a device and monitor its interactions with the network as it would in the real-world through OTA Testing.
Siehe MVG World solution : Testing Wearable Antennas

Testing Wearable Antennas

Testing the performance of antennas integrated in compact, mobile and body-worn devices is essential to overcome body interference and achieve optimal...
Siehe MVG World solution : IoT Testing

IoT Testing

Testing IoT devices to ensure optimal connectivity, battery life and coexistence.