Aerospace & Defense

MVG is continually developing its range of near-field, far-field and Compact Range technologies for the testing and certification of airborne, shipborne, spaceborne, ground and vehicular platforms.

With more than 30-years’ experience servicing the aerospace and defense sectors, MVG can offer expertise in tailoring antenna, Radar Cross Section (RCS), Radome measurement systems and EMC testing technologies.

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Antenna Test and Measurement (A&D)

MVG offers a broad selection of antenna test solutions based on near-field, far-field and compact range measurement techniques for antenna, RCS, and radome...
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Radome Measurement

Maintaining the electromagnetic transparency quality of antenna radomes is essential for the security and vital functioning of aircraft in flight. Radomes...
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In the Field Aircraft/Vehicle Antenna Testing

The dimensions of large sea or aircraft add complexity to test scenarios. Test chambers and systems for testing antennas on these vessels are rare...
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Active Array Calibration & Measurement

Phased array antennas are the solution of choice for military application. The correct calibration of these antennas is paramount for this industry.  
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Radar Antenna Testing (A&D)

Radar antennas are integrated into a wide range of military devices and equipment. In each function, the transmitted information requires accuracy and...
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Full Scale Aircraft Measurement

Antenna installations on aircraft demand a variety of test techniques to measure the impact of their environment on antenna radiation patterns, efficiency...
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Radar Cross Section (RCS) Testing

A Radar Cross Section (RCS) is the electromagnetic signature of an object. It is the reflection of  radar signals back to a radar source that determines...
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As communication, navigation, and national security and surveillance via satellite are now integral to our daily lives, the reliability of the information...
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EMC Testing (A&D)

We have designed and installed EMC testing solutions for the aerospace and defence industries for more than three decades.  
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RF Safety (A&D)

Accurate measurement of the electromagnetic field is crucial in maintaining an appropriate level of exposure for workers in high-risk environments.  
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Electromagnetic Pulse Protection

Protecting important electrical assets from natural or man made disruptive and potentially damaging electromagnetic pulses, or transient electromagnetic...