Radar Cross Section Components

StingRay : Gated-CW Radar Architecture

2000 MHz - 18000 MHz

The StingRay Gated-CW RCS measurement system offers significant improvements in RCS measurement speed and sensitivity. The system provides performance enhancements beyond other VNA based Gated-CW radars while providing a lower cost alternative to pulsed IF radar implementation.

StingRay : Gated-CW Radar Architecture


  • Frequency: 2-18GHz continuous ( additional bands upon request)
  • Polarization: W, HH, HV, VH depending on options
  • Data acquisition speed: 100-300 µs in steps frequency mode typ., 120 µsin CW mode typ
  • Pulse/Gate width: 0 to 10 µsin 1 ns steps
  • Dynamic range: 100+dB typ.


  • Pulse Modulator Assembly
  • Pulse Modulator Timing Unit - Agilent 81150A
  • VNA-PNA N522x series, PNA-X524x series, PNA-L5230 series
  • Data Acquisition System - 959 Spectrum Software Base
  • Antenna System - monostatic or quasi-monostatic configuration


  • FR6400
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • OFR9800A High Speed Switch Cotnrol Unit with Dual 959Spectrum-RF2 Dual RF SPDT PIN Switch Units for Fully Polarimetric Measurements
  • Knowbell 2-D ISAR Imaging Software
  • Additional Frequency Bands
  • Rear Panel RF Outputs
  • 959Spectrum- AN5 Single Target Full Polarimetric Calibration Software
  • 959Spectrum-AN3 Coded Frequenicies Package
  • 959Spectrum-AS2 959 Spectrum Analysis Workstation Software(RCS)
  • AL-22000 Series Compact Range
  • AL-28000 Series RCS Pylon
  • Foam Column/Positioner Assembly


  • Mono-static Antenna Interface
  • Absorber Upgrades
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