MV-Phase allows to compute the phase center of an antenna from its FF.

The computation is performed on one field component specified by the user (the co-polar component should be selEcted).

The user can choose:

  • Processing mode: full 3D patten or Cut-by-cut
  • Field of view: expressed in degree or in dB wrt the peak


Output results:

  • [x,y,x] phase center position vs. frequencies
  • Phase Center Variation (PCV)
  • Group Delay


  • Accurate and Fast computation
  • Suited for any antenna polarization (Linear, slant, circular)
  • Different type of processing mode and options are available (3D, cut-by-cut, field of view etc...) User friendly GUI with preview of the results allows to easily setup the parameters
  • Results can easily exported to clipboard
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