EMC Test Chambers

EMC-10 Anechoic Chamber

30 MHz - 18000 MHz

The Gold standard for Anechoic Chamber EMC testing, this 10 meter test range ensures fully compliant Emission and Immunity testing and is compliant to CISPR-16 with a measurement zone diameter of 4 meters or greater. The most versatile and accurate of EMC test chambers. Ferrite tiles and hybrid pyramidal absorbers allow for high accuracy and performance while meeting compact space requirements.

EMC-10 Anechoic Chamber


  • EMC compliance testing in accordance with Emissions & immunity standards for all electrical & electronic products


  • Dimensions (shield): 21 m x 12 m x 8.5 m
  • 30 MHz - 18 GHz frequency range
  • Fully compliant design to meet CISPR, EN and FCC requirements
  • Fully compliant for Immunity in accordance with EN61000.4.3
  • ANSI C63.4 Emission Performance, NSA 30 MHz -1 GHz +/-4 dB or better
  • Extended performance options 26 MHz - 40 GHz
  • HyPyr-LossTM Ferrite and Hybrid absorbers for 26 MHz - 40 GHz measurements
  • Optimized computer modeling to enable cost effective absorber layouts
  • Bespoke and modular design enabling unlimited performance options and facilitating upgrades or relocations
  • Available as a turnkey package – chamber, antenna & mast, turntables, Instrumentation and software
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