EMC Test Chambers

EMC-MC Mini Compact Chamber

26 MHz - 40000 MHz

Very useful where space is restricted, the EMC-MC will settle into almost any office space. Its small overall size results from the use of our modular SmartShield chamber lined with our AEPH HyPyr-LossTM absorber technology requiring less volumetric space than in a traditional chamber. This mini compact chamber is applicable in pre-compliant EMC and general Research & Development RF testing.

EMC-MC Mini Compact Chamber


  • EMC pre-compliance emissions and immunity for all electrical & electronic products


  • Dimensions (shield) 6 m x 3 m x 2.4 m
  • Performance range 26 MHz – 40 GHz
  • Pre-compliant Emission performance of +/- 4 dB at 3 m test distance for 80% of frequency range ANSI C63.4, EN50147/2
  • Pre-compliant for Immunity in accordance with EN61000.4.3
  • Independently certified 100 dB @ 18 GHz shielding performance (ISO17025)
  • HyPyr-Loss Ferrite and Hybrid absorbers For 26 MHz – 40 GHz measurement
  • Optimised computer modeling to enable cost effective absorber layouts
  • Bespoke and modular design enabling unlimited performance options and facilitating upgrades or relocations
  • Available as a turnkey package – chamber, antenna & mast, turntables, Instrumentation and software
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