RF Shielded Rooms

RF Shielded Rooms

30 MHz - 18000 MHz

RF Shielded rooms provide the necessary RF quiet environment in which to conduct many different application tests such as EMC, wireless technology on automotive or military vehicles, MRI scans, etc. These rooms are built with SmartshieldTM modular RF shielding, electromagnetic pulse protection EMPP shielding, TEMPEST (secure communications) shielding and architectural shielding full systems.

Radiated Emission: 30MHz ‐ 18GHz

Radiated Immunity: 30MHz ‐ 6GHz

RF Shielded Rooms


  • Electromagnetic pylse protection EMPP shielding
  • TEMPEST (secure communications) shielding
  • Architectural shielding systems
  • MRI shielding


  • Pre compliant for Immunity and Emission performance in accordance with EN61000.4.3/EN50147‐1
  • RSC also meets several ETSI test standards (UKAS accredited)
  • Flexible modular design enables easy site changes or upgrading
  • Independently certified 100dB @ 18GHz shielding performance (ISO17025)
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