60 GHz Reference Chip Antenna for Gain Verification of Millimeter Wave Test Chambers

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MVG has developed a 60 GHz chip antenna designed for use as a gain and pattern verification tool in the calibration process of a millimeter wave antenna test chamber.

The antenna is designed to interface with ground-signal-ground (GSG) micro-probes that have a probe pitch of 150 um to 250 um.  This low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) chip antenna is fabricated using  DuPont’s  9K7 GreenTape TM material  system  with  gold conductors. Features include a wafer-probe transition, a shielded stripline  corporate  feed  network, aperture  coupled  patch elements,  and  an integrated Sievenpiper  electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure  for  surface  wave  mode suppression. The  use  of  the  EBG  structure enables  main  beam  gain enhancement and side lobe level suppression.  

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