Virtual Drive Testing based on Automotive Antenna Measurements for Evaluation of Vehicle-to-X Communication Performances

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In vehicle communications, so as Vehicle-to-X (V2X), field trials are challenging due to high mobility scenarios and dynamic network conditions.

It is complex to interpret measurements, to isolate performance from different components in an integrated system. Consequently, it is desirable to test under repeatable laboratory conditions in the early stages of the development cycle, where designers can quickly validate performance and make rapid modifications to prototype hardware and software cost-effectively.

Virtual Drive Test (VDT) has attracted great interest from industry and academia. The objective of VDT is to recreate an approximation of the real-world communication conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. VDT is appealing, since testing can be performed in an automated, controllable and repeatable manner, which can considerably reduce testing time and costs, and meanwhile accelerate actual infrastructure deployment.

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