On demand Webinar: Automotive Wireless Testing

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Last June our MVG teams and partners Konrad Technologies, Anritsu, and Altair joined forces to present recent technical developments, new trends, and the most advanced measurement solutions for testing automotive connectivity. In case you missed this online event or would like to watch it again, we are pleased to share a replay of this webinar with you. 
This full day webinar presented the latest theory and fundamentals of OTA measurements, numerous examples of complete vehicular measurement facilities, and demonstrations of the results they can deliver in compliance with cross-industry organization recommendations. 
Webinar replay chapters: 

  • MVG Corporate Presentation 

  • Automotive Antenna Testing Foundation Theory 

  • Advanced Full Vehicle Antenna Measurement Systems 

  • Logistic Around the Test Environment Setup 

  • ADAS Automotive Radar Testing 

  • Implementation of Automotive Radar Test by Konrad Technologies 

  • Automotive OTA Testing Standard 

  • ThIMo TU Antenna Measurement System 

  • Anritsu Automotive OTA Testing Instruments and Update on C-V2X Testing 

  • Automotive Test Results of Vehicle Mounted Antenna 

  • Introduction on V2X and VDT Perspective – Post Processing Tools 

  • Link Between Measurement & Simulation: Insight 

  • Implementation of VDT Based on Measurement & Simulation with Altair’s Tools


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