On demande webinar: The Link Between Antenna Measurements and Numerical Simulations

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How a Combination of Antenna Measurements and Numerical Simulations Enables Fast and Accurate Predictions for Antenna Placement on Large Vehicles, Sea, Space, or Aircraft?

Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) software tools have proven to be invaluable resources for the design, optimization, and integration of a wide variety of antennas and RF sensors on large and complex platforms. Altair FekoTM software is one of these very useful tools for predicting the performance of antennas mounted on electrically large platforms such as large vehicles, air, sea, or spacecraft.  

MVG has developed a powerful tool that takes an antenna measurement and provides an accurate near-field representation of any radiating device, in the form of a Huygens box, using equivalent current (EQC) techniques. The resulting near-field data of this technique is then transformed into a standard file format that can be used in Altair Feko software for installed antenna performance simulations. 

This webinar will cover an overview of antenna measurement techniques, MVG systems, and Altair Feko. Then the EQC source modeling implemented in MVG INSIGHT software will be presented and applied in Altair FekoTM to demonstrate an efficient analysis of an electrically large platform.


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